Bonus! $25 Luxury Sportswear Retailer Shops! Santa Monica CA, Boulder CO, Miami FL, New York City NY

Hi Shoppers!

KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling shops at popular luxury sportswear retailer!

You will be reimbursed for your required beverage purchase PLUS you will receive a $15 shopper pay! PLUS $10 BONUS to make the total shopper pay $25!

Are you into sports and more specifically cycling? Visit a high-end sportswear and lifestyle brand. Sit down for a cup of coffee, ask advice on latest trends and earn money with it!

Timings This visit can be performed during the store's opening hours (also on Sunday if store is open)!

Special requirements:

This assignment is for cycling enthusiasts between 20-55 years.


This is a 'Coffee' purchase scenario: You will be reimbursed up to one beverage.

You will need to evaluate the clubhouse, the café experience and the retail sales conversation. You will need to inquire about any item of clothing that requires fitting in a dressing room. You will not be buying any item of clothing.

Purchase: At any point during your visit you will need to take a seat for a coffee or any other beverage. You will be reimbursed up to one drink. Shopper will take beverage off site to enjoy!

Receipt for the beverage purchase is required in order to accept your shop, as this is the proof of visit.

If you are interested in these shops please apply at [] or contact

Looking forward to working with you!

Tony Jackson
KSS International, Inc.

Available Locations:

Santa Monica CA 90401
Boulder CO 80302
Miami FL 33137
New York City NY 10012

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