Bonus! $100 Education Inquiry Shops Conducted from the Comfort of Your Home! - CT: Bridgeport, Somers MA: N. Andover

Hi Shoppers!

KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling education inquiry shops for a truck driver training school!

You will receive a $80 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop! PLUS $20 BONUS!

You MUST live within 20 miles of the location in order to qualify.

These assignments are for a Driver Training School. They train for anyone that operates a vehicle larger than a standard car/pickup. You don't actually need to drive one of these vehicles, you just need to come up with a scenario as to why you would need a CDL license.

For these assignments, you will not actually attend any driving course. You simply need to meet with someone and let them explain the training program to you.

The purpose of the shop is to see what information the representatives are providing potential students. Please use direct quotes whenever possible.

*You are to CALL and set up and Appointment to meet with a representative.
*You meet them at your home.
*Do NOT dress up. The profile for a typical student is someone with a low income and in need of a job. (This is why you want to get your CDL license.)
*Do NOT take notes during the meeting.
*Let the representative do the talking, do not prompt the representative in any way.
*Be prepared to discuss your employment history. Only answer questions as they are asked and do not volunteer additional information. Allow the representative to sell you on the school.
*Ask about the Class A program, which involves obtaining your CDL. You want to drive a tractor trailer, NOT a bus or small box truck.

**Please note -- these shops are limited to 1 per shopper

**Please note: You must call the training school to schedule your appointment within 24 hours of being assigned. Once you have made your appointment you will need to notify your scheduler of the date of your appointment.

If you are interested in these shops please apply at [] or contact

Looking forward to working with you!

Jeff Hintz
KSS International, Inc.

Available Locations:

CT Bridgeport 06608
CT Somers 06071
MA N. Andover 01845

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