$40 shop Phoenix, Az 85033 MALE SHOPPER NEEDED for Urinalysis CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOP NO sample given!

The rush shop was assigned to another shopper.

We have a unique shop for you!
You do need to be a male to complete this shop due to the nature of the shop.
This shop must take place Monday to Friday between 8 AM - 3 PM.
You would NOT be removing any clothing, thus no urine sample will be given.
This is a customer service shop at a urinalysis facility.

This shop is for a location in Phoenix, AZ.

Interested? Email ComplianceTesting@AboutFaceCorp.com

Not a shopper yet? No problem! Simply visit www.AboutFaceCorp.com Click on the button (top right) "Apply to be a Shopper"

Thank you,
The Logistics Team

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