Need anything Hauled away? Get paid PLUS reimbursed to throw your junk away!

These are very easy shops you will complete FROM YOUR HOME!
Concerned with Covid? The two (or three-man) team are required to wear masks and gloves.
In addition, you CAN put your things outside, or in your garage, if you do not want them in your home. This is NOT a problem.
Pay $20
You would make a call to schedule the appointment, then meet the team to remove your items. We reimburse for the minimum charge (If you wish to have additional items removed at your cost, you would be responsible for that portion.)
Reimbursement varies by location. Some may be $100, while others may be $300. We cover the minimum amount which is generally about a 1/8 of the truck, but this can vary. When you apply online, the shop will disclose the reimbursement for your zoned area.
Locations below.


Questions? Email
Thank you,
The Logistics Team

Anchorage NW AK
Arizona Central AZ
Santa Clarita CA
Silicon Valley CA
San Francisco Bay CA
Greater Santa Cruz CA
Sacramento NE CA
San Francisco Bay CA
Walnut Creek Metro CA
Greater Los Angeles CA
Greater Sacramento CA
Greater Santa Cruz CA
Sacramento NE CA
San Diego South CA
Santa Clarita CA
Sonoma Metro CA
Boulder CO
Gainesville Metro FL
Palm Beach County FL
Boise ID
Louisville KY
Detroit MI
Raleigh Central NC
Nashua Metro NH
Jersey Shore NJ
Somerset NJ
Jersey Shore NJ
Greater Halifax NS
Las Vegas Metro NV
Nassau Suffolk NY
Rochester NY
Greater Syracuse NY
Portland OR
Philadelphia North PA
Monteregie Metro QC
Quebec QC
Monteregie Metro QC
Quebec QC
Brisbane QL
Charleston SC
Nashville Metro TN
Texarkana TX
Melbourne VI
Vermont VT
Seattle WA
Madison WI
Vancouver Island North BC
Vancouver Metro BC
Fraser Valley East BC
Winnipeg Metro MB

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