North Carolina – Used Clothing Store Opportunities – Client Disbursement $20 {per shop}


The client has opportunities in Charlotte, NC 28213, Charlotte, NC 28213, & Charlotte, NC 28273

Client Disbursement $20 {per opportunity}
Client Reimbursement Disbursement, up to $5

Used clothing and apparel retail store evaluation. The client’s usual clientele is between the ages of 18 to 45, but if you are over 45 you are still eligible.

On-site: The client requires you to browse the store and make a small purchase. After the purchase, the client would like you to try to sell 3-5 of your own items. {Any form of clothing that is not stained or tarnished, that no longer fits, is out of season, something you no longer care for, etc.}


How to request this opportunity:
* You can register on the platform. {It is FREE to register}

* Once you have logged in, you can click, “Available Shops” to find opportunities. If you do not see anything, I suggest typing your zip code into the filter/search bar, then set the miles as far out as you can and click “search” {or the magnifying glass}.

* If you see something you are interested in, you can review the information and request by clicking a date from the dropdown menu. A friendly reminder that the date you choose from the drop-down is the date you are agreeing to conduct the shop {unless otherwise noted on the shop}.

If you are not available this month, future opportunities are posted the last week of every month. We suggest checking the platform often, as it is a live board.

Thank you and hope you have a fantastic day.

Nina Leyva
Operations Manager
Mystery Shopper Services
Direct Phone: 1-805-472-4390
Website: []
Monday through Thursday / 7:00am – 4:00pm (PST)
Fridays / 6:00am – 3:00pm (PST)

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