Mystery shops this week in Cedar Hill TX!

Sentry has a coffee mystery shop this week in Cedar Hill. M-F open-9am or M-F 2pm-close.

The shop now pays $8 plus reimbursement.

Reimbursement: The regular dine-in assignment pays $5 plus reimbursements based on the time scenario of your visit.

Reimbursement up to $18 for weekend and weekday morning scenarios and up to $12 for the 2:00 to close evening shop scenarios.


When it is your turn to order, take a moment to review the menu as though you are uncertain what to order. Throughout the ordering process, you must pause before the next step and allow opportunity the host to ask questions about your preferences, offer to guide you through the menu, explain items, and offer upgrades to your beverage and additional. Do not just place an order; let the host ask questions, guide you, and offer suggestions, upgrades, and food items. While reviewing the menu, ask the host a question about a beverage or food item, e.g., ingredients, how it is prepared, etc. You will order any coffee beverage. In locations that offer hot food items, you must order a hot item. In locations without a kitchen, you must order a pastry or other foods offered there.

For a full set of instructions and to become certified for this project, please click on the certification link located on the left side of your home page and select the Certification
Thank you,

Heather Sentry

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