Quick Retail Audits Throughout MASSACHUSETTS

Data Quest currently is looking for shoppers to complete retail audits at liquor stores throughout Massachusetts. Auditors will observe the cleanliness of the store, organization of merchandise, employee knowledge and general customer service techniques. Auditors may be required to ask one employee a preset question for a product recommendation. A cash purchase at the auditor’s own expense is required, depending on location, can be any item even under $1.

The survey is a shorter yes/no check off style with comments after each main section. Surveys are due within 36 hours of completing the audit.

The flat fee per audit is $15-$20

New Shoppers:

Link: [www.sassieshop.com]

Instructions: If you would like to apply for this opportunity please use the link above to create a profile on Data Quest, Ltd's. Sassie mystery shopping page. It's free and only takes 5 minutes to create your profile. Once you've created your profile, click the tab for "Job Board" and search by your state to see available opportunities. If you don't see opportunities in your area try viewing the classic job board, if you still do not see opportunities it means that the opportunities in your area have been completed for the month and will be available again next month!

Data Quest’s pay/reimburse policy for the Mystery Shopping Division is 30 days when expenses exceed $200+ and 45 days for shops under $200 expenses. If you are a new shopper with us, once your shop is submitted, we will send you a Viewpost link to sign up for payment of that first completed shop which will carry over to any future completed shops.

Please call me directly if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!

Kristin Alioto

Scheduler, Mystery Shopping Division

Data Quest, LTD

617-437-0030, ext 121

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