NEW YORK Mystery Shoppers Needed! (Yonkers, Holtsville, Whitestone & White Plains)

SIGN UP with Data Quest to be a Mystery Shopper!

Fee: $20.00 flat fee

Reimbursement: Up to (2) adult movie tickets (with proof of purchase/image upload) and cost of alcoholic beverage purchased to complete the audit plus tip (maximum drink reimbursement is $15.00 for all theatre locations.

You may purchase your movie tickets online or at the box office.

You may pay for your purchases using cash or credit card.

Age Range: All theater locations require that the auditor and any guest that accompanies them are both between 21 and 30 years of age.

Objective: To test employees who are selling and/or serving alcohol to ensure that they are properly verifying the age of patrons who appear under the age of 40 by requesting a valid ID and using a scanning device to confirm the authenticity of the ID.

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