$350 Bonus on a route of gas station audits in WV and Hagerstown MD

Quick and easy audits and a great way to earn some extra money as a side gig! Details:

There are a total of 17 locations. They are along 81 from Inwood WV to Hagerstown MD with some off the highway in Martinsburg, Ransom, Charles Town, Shepherdstown, and Berkeley Springs. Each audit pays $15 per location and is completed 2x per month. There is a small alcohol or tobacco purchase required which is reimbursed up to $5. You get to keep what you buy. This month only, if you complete 2 shops at each location before June 27, we are adding a $350 bonus. This brings the total value of this ‘route’ to over $1000.

Here’s the link to register with us:


If you’re not able to complete the entire route (2 shops at all locations) this month, no worries. Perhaps you’d like to do some in July? Either 1 route of 17 locations or a partial route? Once you register, please let us know and we can set up a schedule. Please contact Cheryl at ccampbel@serviceevaluation.com for more info.

Maciej Szawarejko
Service Evaluation Concepts

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