Strangest Cricket Compliance I've ever done..

I did a cricket complaince in a city i've never done work in. I called a few days early, told them I'm coming, then called again on the morning of the job. When I got there, the employee had nothing ready, no binder, didn't open up the computer for help, just looked at me kind of blankly and started guessing and giggling , even singing to the music playing in the store!.
I reminded her that it is open book, she can call the store manager for help, etc. She replied, "The manager said she knows you from the last few times, and we didn't have to worry about it."????? I said I had never been to this location before, and I don't know the store manager. She looked concerned and called the manager who helped her a bit.
This is the first time I have encountered what seems to be a "fix" with a previous mystery shopper.

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