Fine Dining Lunch Shops in NJ, NH, MA, MD, RI, FL, WA, WI

We have fine dining lunch shops available each month, for experienced, thorough, high-quality shoppers only. We are flexible with the scheduling. Each has a reimbursement up to $60, with specific ordering requirements. The shops require a party of two for a “business type lunch shop.” Online report due the following day, with electronic copy of receipt attached (scanned or photographed.) If you are not already registered with A Closer Look, please go to [] click on "Become a Shopper." Once you receive your welcome email, you will be able to self-assign shops in our system from then on. If you cannot complete a shop for the posted dates, you can submit a reschedule request or contact me at terri.fenelon@a-closer-look.comor (888)446-5665, x262. I look forward to working with you. Have a great week!

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