What is income?

Can anyone tell me, are (reimbursed) meals and items you buy considered income for tax purposes? Also, I do a lot of product testing (for example, I would receive Dr. Scholl's orthotics in the mail to try and have to report on what I thought of them. I get to keep the product when I am done). Are the products I test supposed to be reported as income?

I tried Googling it, and I didn't get anywhere.

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This is extensively covered in many threads about taxes. There is a blue link below your post that will take you to those threads.

In general, reimbursements for required purchases is not taxable income. Keeping products provided free for testing, IMHO, probably also is not a taxable even as long as the items are of minor value. If they give you a Porsche to test and you get to keep it, that may be quite a different matter.

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walesmaven Wrote:
> If they give you a Porsche to test and you
> get to keep it, that may be quite a different
> matter.

What MSC has this shop?!?!?!?!

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Sh!tload of Shops has the free Porsche shop.

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That free shop would be a great subject for some spam email. They would send you a check for 100 K, you buy the car and Western Union the rest of the money to them. You then get to keep the car you just bought. What a deal!

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