McDonald's employee completely trashes restaurant...

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It seems like some of the spectators were more interested in their fashion wear that the gruntled fired employeegrinning smiley
I have seen that type of attitude before. In my job I have had to escort fired employees from the property.
I recently discovered at my place of employment, that management has installed PANIC buttons. Stragetically placed but out of employees sight. Once press, the security team shows up on the scene all quiet and such. To more or less catch the violator in the act, to have proof. Perhaps MDs should installed this device-----to catch this employee in the act and to have proof of violation.
There was a follow up article and the manager was fired for not handling the employee quickly or well enough. Then again, if he laid a finger on the employee, he would have been fired even sooner. It's a no win situation for the manager.

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