Yikes! This would be quite scene to report

From today's news in NH:

CONWAY, N.H. —A large gas station canopy being shoveled off by contractors toppled over and crashed onto an SUV with the driver inside Thursday morning, but no one was hurt.

Police said two contracted workers were shoveling off the canopy about 9:45 a.m. at a Circle K gas station at 7 E. Main St. in Conway. The canopy crashed onto its side, and the workers were able to slide down as it tipped, landing safely.

A Cadillac SUV was parked under the canopy when it collapsed. A pylon crashed into the SUV, but the driver inside was not injured.

Officials are still investigating how the collapse happened.


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Great minds think alike. I JUST saw this on WMUR and was going to post it. I can't figure out how to post the picture. I can vouch that the link is good. smiling smiley
Was the canopy free of bird nests and wasps? Was the canopy clean and in good condition?

Ah...what canopy?

Seriously, the contractors are fortunate that they escaped injury! Oh, and the SUV driver!
Somewhat ironically (I do live in NH, so it isn't that unusual), I got a call from Maritz less than an hour after I saw this story asking me to do a gas station audit (different brand) in Conway with a nice bonus. I started laughing and told the scheduler the story. She said she couldn't wait to tell that one to her co-workers. smiling smiley
Was Cettie in the vehicle?

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I kept reading to see if the object would be mentioned, as in shoveling off ____ from. . . . Of course, I knew it must be snow and the local news doesn't have to say that but personally I have never seen anyone have to shovel off anything from the top of a gas station canopy. You mean those things get dirty on top!?! Do locals have to climb up and look? Ha. It is quite remarkable that no one got hurt.
Might have some difficulty getting the whole canopy visible on one photo...

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@Sandra Sue

There is so much snow around here they are recommending all roofs be shoveled off. Over 80 (100) inches in three weeks with more snow coming is a LOT of weight and several roofs have collapsed. I did several gas station audits this week and all but one had someone shoveling snow off a canopy or the store's roof.
I think they would fail their shop. All the lights on the canopy are not working, the pumps were probably dirty after that, the front of the store was not well maintained there was snow there that fell off and canopy. :-)
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