Favorite restaurants found through shops

Has anybody besides me found their favorite restaurant through a shop? I try so many new restaurants because of shops and some become my favorites.....and I'm actually willing to spend my own money there.

Two of my favorites that I found through shops are Carino's and Genghis Grill.

Anybody have others?

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Dewey's Pizza is a smallish chain that I'd always wanted to try, but everytime we walked by one the line was out the door. After having shopped there I can see why.

And I'd LOVE to do a Genghis Grill! Haven't seen them yet, though.

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I have found many good high-end restaurants through mystery shopping. Their dinners are too expensive so I returned and do their happy hours at the bar.
There are some of those near some shops I'm doing week after next and I'm seriously considering picking one up.

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Five Guys for me. Never heard of them before I started shopping and now I'll eat there even if I have to pay with my own money. smiling smiley

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Dakota's in Dallas.....best buffalo steak in the world!

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Modmarket, by far! As far as I know, they're only in Colorado and Texas. It's one of the few places that I shop regularly, but am willing to pay out of pocket to eat these if a shop's not available.

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