IRS data hacked; beware of callers who seem to know about your return contents

Yesterday the IRS announced that thieves who had gained info from other sources about passwords and security questions used that to access the tax returns (current and past) of over 100,000 tax payers by getting into the service site that provides transcripts of own tax returns (needed when you apply for a mortgage, for instance). If someone calls you saying that they are from the IRS, just because they have all of the info on your tax return does not mean that they are necessarily legit!
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I saw that on the news last night. That's terrible. This world is becoming weirder and weirder.
If they can hack the IRS, why would we believe any or our information is secure at any other place. This is just crazy.
Nothing is safe. And these hackers are probably working for the countries who are anti-America. There has been double digit phone hoaxes declaring explosive contraband or something on several airplanes with nothing found in the searches. I have a feeling that they are trying to wear us down so we will become lacking in security measure and then they will attack again. Be prepared.
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