This was my first year as a Mystery Shopper. I had surgery and was out of work and had to do something. I really enjoyed shopping. I didn't make much, just enough for gas to get my kids back and forth to school. OK, so now its tax season... I don't see where I made over $600 per company, so what do I do, and how do I do it? I'm ready to file taxes and want to know what to do about the Mystery Shopping, cause of course, I don't want trouble down the road. Who can offer valuable advice that is legal...

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This is a thread about taxes from the New Mystery Shoppers area. You may want to start there. If you have any other specific questions not addressed by the post, somebody will surely be able to give you some direction.


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Hi Ingridann3. Welcome to the forum. Use the search function to find past discussions about this.

You will need to file a Schedule C. You are in business for yourself, not an employee. You can still use Turbo Tax or see a tax accountant. I hope you kept good records in the form of income and expenses and mileage. You must compute ALL income. The $600 rule only has to do with the obligation of the MSC to report your money, not yours.
In many cases, your mileage and costs exceed money made per shop. If you didn't keep good records on how much it cost you to drive to and from shops, you can do a Mapquest or similar to figure it out. Do look into other areas of this site for more information including decuctions such as office space, printing costs/office supplies, etc.
I would highly recommend using an efile system that does your work for you, like a turbo tax or HR block. They are never more than $35 and they are well worth it. Message me if you have questions.
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