IRS computer failures

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It doesn't surprise me. The budget cuts to the agency have (among other things) kept them from upgrading their equipment.

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There is so much fraud going on with inmates filing returns and every other tax scam. This year returns will be delayed as the IRS tries to get a handle on tax fraud.

This is from a few years ago:

The IRS detected more than 173,000 fraudulent tax returns from prison inmates last year, many of them using stolen identities and other false information in an attempt to get tax refunds. That's more than twice the number of fraudulent returns detected from inmates in 2010, according to a report Thursday by the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration.

In all, the IRS says it stopped inmates from illegally claiming $2.5 billion in tax refunds in the 2012 budget year. About $1.1 billion was claimed by just two inmates.

In 2010, the IG's office found that nearly 50,000 prison inmates claimed more than $130 million in tax refunds without providing any wage information to the IRS, according to a 2010 audit.
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