$5/mo internet for low income households

This evening's news mentions that as part of the AT&T agreement with their take over of DirecTV they have agreed to provide internet service for $5 per month to any household where at least one member receives food stamps. The program is expected to continue until 2020. If you fit the category you may want to contact AT&T.

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bumping this to the top because this might help someone or there might be someone we know who we can tell.
And I just saw a Comcast ad on TV about their offering free internet for the needy. I have no idea what their parameters or definitions are, but I'm sure those who feel they might qualify could call or google to find more details.
I wonder where the funding for that will be coming from. *sigh* There are no free lunches.

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I haven't checked any anti-trust or other situations they may have been caught up in that this has been an acceptable penalty rather than heavy fines, but I suspect it is a case such as that. They can advertise it as 'helping the needy' all they want, but the chances of it being voluntary are very slim.
considering Time Warner booted their low cost plan of 14.99 everyday internet out the door... now its 34.99... some beach...

back when I had money to invest i owned stock in a company that specializes in this area.. its called frontier communications

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This low - cost internet is in 21 states, but not VA, my state. Sigh. Signed, Night Owl at 1:57 am
Time Warner bought out Comcast here in L.A., no discount, in fact prices went up. AT@T has a discount rate for services to those making under a certain amount.

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I would LOVE it if was offered in my area. I am not on food stamps, but I "can't" afford internet. No landline, no tv, no internet. I bum my connection - with permission - when the provided wanted to raise the rates to $140? a month for DSL, 5 mps. That included their modem (free) and their router ($10 a month rent). I use free wifi from a lot of places (thus the bum the connection with permission) but I hate doing it.
Lol yeah. Tryed to bum internet from my dad but he doesnt trust me w his twc account and password... x_x

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My friend just told me Obama has a free phone for those in need....her son needed one, was having a difficult time,,, limited calls, but still, everything helps.

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If u have any form of government assistance you are eligible for an obama phone.

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It isn't an Obama phone plan! It has been part of the phone plans since the 1960's I believe.
Local library just started loaning out wireless hotspots for a week at a time... free week of internet

They gonna get broke or sold... we poor

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