How do gas stations get away with this?

Putting this here instead of the mystery shop forum because the question isn't really about the mystery shop, itself.

Pretty much any gas station has us check for drug paraphrenalia. Up until today, I have seen the odd item in a station very rarely. So today, and not coincidentally at a station in the rough side of town; I saw "all of the above" that we have seen on any gas station's list of items. Every possible item you have ever seen a picture of in guidelines, it was at this station. I took the pictures, the guy who was probably the owner just stood there and had that "yeah, everyone takes those pictures, and I don't ever do anything about it, and I am not going to start now" grin on his face. Clearly, he makes good money off these items and simply doesn't care about the report that he gets from corporate. The rest of the station was a dump, too, and I am actually shocked a brand of this stature has its name on this station.

But really, my question is not what the heck the client is doing still allowing the place to carry its name, how does a gas station like this not get closed down by the police with so much obvious drug paraphrenalia? It just completely baffles me.

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Obviously different localities handle that stuff differently. Both possession and sale of drugs are illegal here yet paraphernalia is legal until/unless there are drugs involved as well. Flea markets, tobacco stores and a few gas stations have all the paraphernalia and are unmolested by authorities until drugs are found on premises. A local tobacco store was recently 'raided' for synthetic drugs they sold to an undercover and all their paraphernalia was an additional set of charges and were all taken as evidence.
I see Ez Wider or other rolling papers in more than 50% of the stations. Maybe 10% have pipes or hookahs. I have never seen pot or other drugs but I'm sure if they are there it is out of sight. I have never seen porn magazines and I don't consider Playboy or Maxim porn. And I do a lot of gas stations.
The paraphernalia is perfectly legal in most states, I think. It is what you do with it that gets you in trouble with the law. Put some dandelions in a bong and smoke them - no law broken. Put a different "herb" in there and now the police get involved. Almost every record store I have ever been in has a small "head shop".
That being said, most corporate owned stores would not be cool with it because of the image it presents.

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I commonly see rolling papers but I only remember one store that had rolling papers that did not have loose tobacco. Drug paraphernalia is not uncommon but I've never seen drugs.

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Most of the ones I see have "for tobacco use only" signs up. What people do with them after they buy them isn't their concern.

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