Gas prices

Just a friendly PSA:

Gas prices might be low now, but if you have any friends who are thinking of buying gas-guzzlers, this might be a good time to remind them that gas prices won't stay this low forever. That truck might hurt the wallet in a few years, even if the hybrid hurts the wallet now.

I'm seeing a lot of big gas-guzzling cars on the road right now in my area, and I'm keenly aware that people aren't going to be too happy when gas prices go back up (even if they're not thinking about it at the moment).

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I had actually noticed prices climbing in my area of the south east. I pumped up for $1.85 last week and saw prices around $2.09 this week. A little further from my home (an hour) gas prices were $2.39! Yikes when I think about how much of a hike that truly is in 7-8 days.

This is not a bad time to change over to a hybrid because the price of them is not currently driven up by the demands of expensive gas. And once you get a hybrid, be very cautious about your tires. My significant other spent a fair amount of time on the user forums for our Civic hybrid before selecting the first round of replacement tires. Nitrogen filled, properly pressurized, I could get close to 60 mpg on open road going 57mph, which is evidently our car's 'sweet spot'. City driving was generally 45-50 mpg. Finally it was time for our next set of tires and the tire place persuaded him to try some tires that were 'every bit as good'. We each tried and with nitrogen fill and proper pressure were only able to get over 40 mpg on a couple of errands. Luckily the tires had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so went back after about 10 days. We now have the ones recommended by the Civic hybrid user forum and are back to 45-50 city.
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