My Pillow

BBB has rated the My Pillow inventor an F. They went from A----->F, because the refuse to take down there offer of BOGO. Whom here sleeps on a "My Pillow"?

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I sleep on my pillow all of the time. Who's pillow do you think I sleep on??? smiling smiley

Seriously, I've never owned a "my pillow" but they seem to be popular.

I've seen the commercials for them, but the pillow look lumpy so I've never been tempted to get one.
I've been tempted to buy one. But at Walmart they are $52. That's a bit extreme for a pillow. Is their TV commercial for BOGO not true? I know they charge extra S & H...but I've never checked into how much they are charging.
IDK. I do know that whenever I have called about something I saw on TV, I have been badgerered into purchasing something else, which I continuously declined until I finally refused to order anything at all and hung up on them. One time, this guy actually had the nerve to call me back to try to muscle me into making a purchase, and I hadn't even given him my phone number (guess he had caller ID). I was soooo pissed off. I also have heard about people ordering an item over the phone who ended up with additional stuff that they were charged for but they never even ordered. I bet it's very problematic with any elderly people who have memory problems.
The mere fact that you can purchase "my pillow" at Walmart for $52 or from the TV ad for 'only' $99 plus they will send you a second pillow 'free' plus shipping and handling would indicate strongly that the TV offer is false. There were apparently BBB complaints in addition that there were costs to return the pillow within the 90 day 'refund' window beyond mere shipping costs.

The other night I saw an infomercial for Copper Chef pans. They were 4 payments of $24.99 and they would lop off one of the payments so you were only paying about $75 for the pan. A quick google showed the pan deal for $60 at Walmart or with additional tools for $59 at Walmart. A check of some reviews of the pan were uniformly negative by anyone who had used the pan more than once or twice--the interior coating was flaking off, the pan warped easily, the lid was flimsy, etc. The comments about attempting to return the pan were also very telling as their 'customer service' was outsourced to a non-English speaking crew who seemed to be deliberately not understanding 'return for refund'.

If you believe you are getting good deals from infomercials you need to do some research before you jump.
Awe, man, bummer about the copper pans. I think my mom bought one from Sams club and is all excited for it to get there. Perhaps they got a better deal and Sams will be understanding if it turns out to be total crap. Of course, it may not be the Copper Chef brand either. I have a copper skillet that I use and love it! The inside is excellent and I don't think it actually has a coating. This one seems to be metal through and through. I usually use my old school cast iron for most things but the copper one works well for bacon, eggs, and stir fry.

Generally a brick and mortar store or Amazon is easier for returns than the infomercial folks. And there are many copper pots out there aside from Copper Chef, which is apparently a copper wash on light metal with a copper colored 'non-stick ceramic' inside. I have a few copper bottom pans that do heat well but not noticeably better than other good, heavy pans.
The maker of the "MY PILLOW" said he was waiting for the holidays to be over before he would take down his BOGO. Target, Walmart and other department or blue box stores have those "AS SEEN ON TV" departments. They have the copper plated pans for like $99. They offers one pillow for $49, and a sign that says this is not a BOGO offer.

Can the pans be real copper? I mean we hear of buglars stealing copper pipes from housing units or where ever they find them. So how real can these pans be real copper?Maybe it would be better if pennies were superglued to these pansgrinning smiley

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No, pennies have not been all copper since about 1983. And the government is talking about eliminating the penny because it costs them more than a penny to produce a new penny.
$0.022 to be exact. Canada already eliminated theirs.

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