Market Force website issues

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you all!

Recently, I have been doing the reports on my android phone, because of janky, unreliable internet service in the rural area in which I live. Typically, I never have issues using my phone for this. For the past 2 days, I have completed some of MF's night time gas station shops, and when I attempt to report the shops using my phone, I am unable to access the reports. Since these shops are night time shops, there isn't much time to play around and mess with a website that doesn't respond. I always email the helpdesk when I run into these situations, so that they know my shops are completed, but the reports aren't cooperating. This morning (and yesterday morning as well), I used a desktop computer at a friends home to be able to complete the reports and didn't experience any issues. Is anyone else having issues using a mobile device, or am I just that lucky?

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