Netflix Series

I like Forensic Files on Netflix. It's interesting how science can help even with little evidence at the crime scene.

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I canceled Netflix streaming. They didn't offer enough new releases, and I could only watch on one TV.

With Amazon Prime and FIOS, I can watch on any device.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
Just ordered the free month of Netflix. Now I got the $8.99 Basic. I don't watch shows on my computer or cell phone.
@lucycarter wrote:

Orange is the New Black and The Tudors are my favourites.
I watched a few minutes of the first couple of episodes of Orange, but it was basically lesbian soft porn. Too bad because I remember watching "Prisoner Cell Block H" back in the mid-80s which had all the drama, but didn't need the graphic scenes to keep people's interest.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
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