Filing taxes online... who's the best in your experience?

I have used H&R for 6 years now... and kinda been sticking to that since they have all my records but as I'm winding down and gearing up to pay SE tax this year (previous years had enough W2 work paid in to cover it all) I'm second guessing the cost of the software. A relative spent $15 to file hers and I was going to pay $120... on top of what I owe. Le sign.


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I swear by Turbo Tax and have used it for many years and for several businesses as well as rental income.

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The H & R block free edition has changed and will not let you complete a schedule C - it says you have to use the premium version which, of course, is not free. I switched to Tax Act this year which was free. I did not find it difficult.

I used to use Turbo Tax, but now I use Tax Act because they are cheaper. I choose the midlevel, it's around 25.00 and electronically file. Easy peasy.
Same with us, CJB. I'm doing taxes right now. We've done TT with the audit defense for almost two decades. Switched to Tax Act last year and was very happy with them. TT got incredibly greedy, imho. Penalizing people who complete Schedule Cs.

The good news is that there are a third fewer auditors this year, so the chances of having your life turned upside down over a call from the IRS is much lower -- even if you're a TP member.

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