Mystery shopping in Idaho...

Hey everyone, I'm currently in Washington and there is plenty of mystery shops here..I will be moving to Idaho in a couple of months and was wondering if they have plenty of mystery shops there? I should be within driving distance of Boise..thanks

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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If you have been mystery shopping you are registered with a lot of companies. Why not check their boards and the job boards like Jobslinger.

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There are a ton of shoppers in the Boise area and not many shops, unless you want to do the Jack in box. When shops come up they are taken instantly, no matter how low the pay is. I don't do mystery shopping only merchandising anymore.
I don't live anywhere close (NE US). But if you check job boards of the major MSCs, you should find some. I just checked Maritz and they have 6 or 7 locations in Boise. I looked on Marketforce's website and there are 47 shops.
Thanks for the replies everyone..will start checking the boards..

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I used to live in Boise and every once in a while I check to see what shops are there thinking I might drive over and see friends. In four years I have not seen enough shops to make the trip worthwhilesmiling smiley

There are fast food, banking and grocery shops, but not much. Gas station audits used to bring me ~$100 a week, but I’m not seeing those either.
Sal Lake City, a four hour drive south, has a lot of shops. Portland is about five hours west. Both could make decent overnight or weekend trips.

Boise was an emerging market at the turn of the central, but it never really developed. It is no longer a market that many businesses test advertising or products in. Many large brands have had to close shop in the area because the local economy is still depressed.

Consider that the area has seen constant development for the last two decades and it still only has one mall.
@TroyHawkins...thanks I did see Oregon and Utah had lots of shops..a bit disappointed that Boise doesn't..will have to maybe just do a a route trip to Utah or Oregon or both every now and then..and yes Boise definitely is in it's own little world..I went to high school there but that was a long long long time ago

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
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