Hurricane in the Carolina's and north coastal.

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Shop there? I live in the direct path of the storm, about 35 miles due east of Raleigh NC. Shops are the least of our concerns this week. One company reached out and was kind enough to let me know they just want us to be safe, which was nice....

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
I hope everyone stays safe! If you have any shops assigned by me, please contact me when you have a moment to reschedule. I will certainly understand if it is not until after the storm.
While many are packing to leave there, my husband is packing to go there. He will probably leave Saturday or Sunday. He is a catastrophic storm insurance adjustor. Oteixeira and others who live there, please be safe.

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We were on vacation this week in North Topsail Island, NC. We were basically dead center in the projected landfall. We had to cut our trip short because of the mandatory evacuation order, but stayed longer than almost everyone else before bugging out.

I am keeping all of those affected by this dangerous storm in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Thank goodness I'm too stupid to be mental!

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oteixeira how are you? (and anyone else in that region?)

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
I know one forum member who sheltered in place in Myrtle Beach becase he is on the local disaster team. He is fine.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Did not have energy or mindset to sign up for any shops, even though some were at the end of the month. Living in a city very near Raleigh. So far no need to evacuate and have not lost power.
At home with an upset tummy. Will do some laundry and look up plumber reviews for calling first thing Monday AM. Kitchen sink and garbage disposal out of commission for 2 days now due to a blockage that even a 10 foot "snake" cannot reach. Fortunately the housemate who has the basement apartment is on vacation so I can use that kitchen sink to do a few dishes. I am dreading the cost of this little domestic adventure, since I just dropper $1000 on routine auto maintenance. (At 112,000 miles, you have to expect to actually replace a few items. But the car is long paid for.)

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Hey all, the storm went way further south then originally predicted and while we had heavy wind for 2 days and LOTS of rain we are OK. Just south of us (Goldsboro) is a MESS! There is going to be a ton of flooding from rivers that wont crest until tomorrow or Tuesday for folks further south and east of me. Glad to be OK, but sad for the lives lost.

Please say a prayer for the people who past, their families, and the folks out there restoring the last of the power and getting rid of the downed trees. We dodged a bullet here at my house, so thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. I actually have a shop today in Raleigh that was not cancelled, and made it to Church this morning.

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
Wales, same problem, pipes clogged,disposal need replacement, nothing works in my kitchen...had plumber out, (sorry), $700.00 to fix.
Everything happens at once, I too have major bills this month with my dentist and house stuff.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
I live in Wilmington, NC. We are on the coast and were hit with all of Flo's strength and water, I think the final count was 35 inches near my house and all the flooding that comes with it. It took almost two weeks to get our power restored and thank God we personally had not much damage (about $1,000). My first real shower about 15 minutes after it came back on was sooooo nice, taking bird baths out of a rain barrel for 13 days was not fun.

I personally didn't even think about shops for the first few weeks, was busy with cleaning up and still am. I am doing my first shops since the storm this morning. There were/still are very few here and limited internet to do them on. It is hysterical that one business won't open up for at least two more months but I keep seeing posts for an urgent shop there. I have emailed the schedulers several times to let them know this but they keep reposting and adding bonus's!!! I will be really missing the money from shops and my cabinet's are bare from the lack of grocery shops!

My sil has major damage to 5 rooms in her house and mom has to probably replace all her floors. The biggest issue is many didn't have wind and hail insurance and fema is a joke. Our regular homeowner's insurance does nothing for storms, I know my wind/hail is $2700 per year with almost a 5000 deductible so we also don't have it. I met with the fema adjuster yesterday and he basically said mom will need to take out a "small business loan" to get her's fixed. Who is going to loan money to a 91 year old with only ss as an income. My sil will meet tomorrow with hers and I hope they will help her. She lost her fiancé in the storm and has probably about 20,000 in damages if we do most of the work. She not only has had to deal with basically gutting her house and loosing most of her memories of her fiancé (and her first husband who died suddenly of a heart attack at 43) but has to somehow find the money to pay for repairs.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for her if you can, it will be appreciated. We have set up a fund through her church if any would like to make donations. The address is Wilmington First Assembly, Cathy Collins Repair Fund, 4927 Wrightsville Avenue, Wilmington NC, 28403 or donate thru PayPal on their website

I hope that I didn't break any rules with including this but she could use the help. Otherwise please don't make donations to red cross or Fema, it doesn't get to people. I couldn't even get a little ice from the RC to keep my husband's insulin cool from them when they had coolers full keeping their volunteers water cold! I have donated and volunteered with them many times in the past but never again. I would recommend doing it to an organization called, "God's pit crew" (not sure where they are from but they just showed up in several neighborhoods and started cutting trees and wouldn't take a cent from home owners) or Cajon Army. They both are really helping the victims! Many homes here are still underwater in our area and it will take a long time to recover.
Sorry your stay was cut short. Please come back to the area next year! Unfortunately there was major devastation on Topsail Beach.
jasflalmt- Please tell your husband that we really appreciate his coming. I know he is probably working 12 hour days and is dead tired.
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