Anyone wants to team up for restaurant shops?

I love fine dining restaurant and go out experiencing in general, but a lot of them requires a guest. My SO has pretty bad social anxiety and avoided all eat in-s. Is anyone interested in teaming up? I am not sure how to fairly split the responsibility and reward ? Anyone else has done this? I can also be the guest, if it makes sense to the party.. That of course is a better deal !smiling smiley

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I think people already do this, and just trade the shop back and forth with rotation considered. The main thing I notice here is you did not include your location. That is very important in this type of request.

Good Luck!

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You have to put where you are located. As eye stated, there is a thread about this in the MS section.

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I know exactly what you mean, I’m always disappointed when I can’t shop a restaurant because I need another person. Sometimes places that cater to families happen to work out but beyond that I’m stuck ???? Living in Tucson Arizona now ????

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