What was your favorite vacation....

Thought this would be fun: Met my daughter in Italy when she lived in London and Venice was my favorite, so unusual and charming, no cars, only boat taxi's, handsome men dressed in business suits going to work, great
people and food, then took a night train through the Swiss Alps. Returning brought a museum tour through Paris
where I bought a Salvadore Dali (very small) painting which I still have. Second favorite was Taxco in the mountains of Mexico, the Silver capitol, very interesting story and unforgettable trips Lets hear yours!!.

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Mine is a cruise, because once you leave the port your job can't reach you on your cell phone. And no, I will not pay for the internet package on the ship, that defeats the purpose. smiling smiley

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
A week in Barcelona after I used a 12 day re-positioning cruise to get there.
Tied with:
A cruise through Norway's west coast and fjords followed by time in Bergen and 8 hour train through the mountains to Oslo. That rail journey covers the highest route in Northern Europe.

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Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

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Mine was Vegas three years ago. Italy is on the list for next year. I think Italy would beat Vegas hands down.
A week on Cape Cod in 1998 ranks right up there. The trip was for my youngest brother's wedding so it was mostly extended family and friends. My brother rented an amazing 10 bedroom house overlooking Nantucket Sound. It was an idyllic combination of lots of activity, plenty of down time to relax and a fair amount of partyingsmiling smiley It was interesting the way we would break down into smaller groups depending on what everyone wanted to do each day then all be together in evenings for dinner either at the house or in one of the great local restaurants. My room opened to a rooftop deck and despite plenty of bathrooms, one of the best parts were two private outdoor showers. It is amazing to do something so mundane while looking up at blue sky and pine branches.

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Disney World with my family when I was a teenager.

France for my 50th birthday last month.

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Trip taken long ago to Maui and going to Rockefeller's hotel at the tip of the mountain, the sunset was memorable, before Maui grew up.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
We bought a vacation home ten years ago and leave the city and go hang out near cows on the weekends. Every weekend feels like a vacation even when we are just going to Costco or to the supermarket.

Best trip- when I got married, my husband and I drove cross country for a few weeks. He crashed the rented mustang on the first night, and we ended up taking his 160k jeep wrangler.
When I was 17 I signed on as a diver on a Costa Rican galleon hunt. The guy was on a shoestring budget and he said, "I can't pay you, but you'll eat well, and you're in for a share of anything we find." My other hot job prospect that summer was hosing out dog runs at a boarding kennel, so I pounced.

It was a glorious summer. The food was great, though I procured much of it myself, free-diving with a Hawaiian sling. We found nothing and that's what I was paid. I did not catch the ruinous treasure bug, despite living then and again now near the site of the 1715 plate fleet wreck, maybe the richest of them all. (Not that I don't hear the siren song now and then.)

The place was absolutely gorgeous, with great scenery, clear waters and wonderful people. I met a guy, an American, who had bought a strip of beachfront 21 miles long and a mile and a half wide for $10,000. He said, "Well, the price was right."

I have done a fair amount of roaming since, but I don't expect to ever top that summer in Costa Rica.
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