Subway vs. Jimmy John's vs. Jersey Mike's vs. You Name it Big Chain Sub Place

@PaulinMIPaul @HonnyBrown I completely agree. I was a bit surprised on the price as well. I ordered the largest sub sandwich, which was 10 inches or something. The chips + plastic cup that they gave me for a fountain drink (large size) and a bag of chips put it over the top. I want to believe that the large sub sandwich may be $11.99 as it is, which is still high in price.

Yet comparing the same type of sub with what Jersey Mike's, Jimmy John's, or Firehouse has to offer, I would think that the prices for just the sub alone are competitive, and within a dollar or so of each other. In terms of overall quality + taste, I have to side with Jersey Mike's. They give you quite a bit with their large sub options where I never thought I was overpaying for a sub, be it combo or not.

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@Eric in Tampa, good to hear. Yeah, they always get you on the drink, their highest margin item. Literally costs them like 10 cents and they charge a couple bucks.

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Jersey Mike's and Quiznos are my favorites. Firehouse and Which Wich are also good!

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