The Moral Implications of Smoking in the Boys Room, Hijacking Posts, Drinking Soda from a Water Cup, Leaving the Toothpaste Cap Off, and Not Replacing the Toilet Paper


Thank you so much!!

I thought it was relatively "safe." I will tell him this, because he wants to play soccer in college, and health problems would prevent that

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Here is a bit more, from AddictionResource, about vaping. There are many other resources, and specific study information is available elsewhere. I just provided a little more about vaping because it has been used as an alternative to starting tobacco and as a bridge or step-down from tobacco to quitting. Anyone who is interested can search for the referenced page and website, I encourage people to search for any information that they want, need, are afraid that something they know needs, etc. I was not certain if I should post a link, so I copied and cited.

I and other people have additional questions that have not been addressed yet. But here is some information from one website. Keep in mind that no long longitudinal studies are possible yet because vaping is relatively new in the world.

-The Penn State College of Medicine conducted a study back in 2014 where researchers assessed the addictive nature of e-cigs. They used an online survey where they interviewed ex-smokers who are current vapers. The respondents reported that they smoked an average of 24 cigarettes daily and had 24 vape sessions on a regular basis.

The addiction is the same, but vaping was found to influence more psychological and behavioral changes. Few reported waking up at night for a nicotine fix while other e-cig users had to wait longer for their first vape of the day. Additionally, the majority of participants admit that they had fewer cravings for e-cigs compared to their former cravings for cigarettes. Most also felt less irritable compared to how they felt when they couldn’t smoke.
The difference in addiction was attributed to how e-cigs are used. When you smoke, you do it in one go and usually finish the entire cigarette, while vaping means that you take 2-3 puffs, wait for 15 minutes, and then have another puff.
-Although vaping lacks cancer causing elements found in conventional smoking, studies now show that this practice could be harmful to one’s immune system. It’s been shown that vaping inhibits the function of 358 genes associated with infection-fighting in comparison to smoking, which only inhibits 53 genes. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California showed that 13% of high school students either vaped or smoked in 2014, while 9% smoked in 2014. This indicates that more people find vaping to be more attractive compared to cigarette smoking.
Additionally, reports in the Journal Addiction shows that vaping side effects are limited to mouth and throat irritation. 2% of the correspondents reported an increase in blood pressure.
- Adverse Health Effects of Vaping

Inflamed lungs
Irregular heartbeats associated with high blood pressure
Fainting and dizziness
Reduced immunity

Another common concern among health officials and law enforcement is that more people are now using vaporizers to ingest synthetic drugs, flakka, and other marijuana-related compounds. Given the freedom of vaping in public places, people are taking advantage and using these drugs in open areas.
Vaping Withdrawals

When an individual begins to vape, they quickly become addicted to the nicotine, which makes it hard to quit. This is difficult especially if the devices have been altered for higher delivery of nicotine. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include depression, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, insomnia, and weight gain.

The safety of vaping has not been truly established, while some studies suggest that vaping may not have the same effects of smoking like respiratory effects or cardiovascular problems, it’s still unclear the exact effects associated with frequent vaping.

If you’re going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill
I don't care what way the toilet paper hangs but the person who leaves 1 ice cube in the tray, without refilling the tray, should be drawn and quartered.
Oh, I agree! I also hate when someone puts the ice cube tray back in and it's tilted. Don't they realize that the tilt is making the water go out and all over the freezer?? Guess not.

Thanks @Shop-et-al, for all the information. I've been looking up stuff, too. Trying to convince my son he doesn't need to vape smiling smiley

He turns 18 in March and also wants to get a tattoo at that time. I guess he's becoming a lil' rebel...

My 16 year old daughter wanted to get a daith piercing. I let her, after she turned 16 in September, because she researched piercings sooooo thoroughly; came to me with all the information about the ones that were the most harmful, etc. and presented her case for a daith. I was so impressed with the amount of research she did (quality research) and the way she presented her case! Even though I may or may not have let her do it...I have to say that presenting the case to me in such a way swayed my decision strongly in her favor.

Problem is, now that she got the daith, she wants a nose piercing. I told her no way. She has to wait til she's 18 for more piercings...
Piercings can become addictive for some people. My oldest stepdaughter got her belly button pierced when she was 16. Her father and I had custody of his 4 kids and on a weekend visitation with her mom, her mom let her get her belly button pierced (after we had told her no). After that it was 5 piercings in each ear (yup, visits with her mom, who knew we didn't approve), then her tongue when she was 18. When she got a job at a bank the tongue piercing came out, and she has scarring on her belly button from where it got infected a few times. She has said she regrets getting the piercings (she is 28 now).
@panama18 wrote:

too much time on my hands.

Another good song!

I gave up replacing toilet paper in my house. The roll stays on top of the tank in back with lots of extra rolls. Problem solved.

Jas....I feel for you, piercings would be regrettable as one ages. I remember my daughter going off to college, and her Dad having a conversation telling her I don't want to see any piercings on you. She is not the type, but,
she came home first summer with a teeny tiny ear pierce on the top of her ear (which her hair covered). Never got another and soon took it out. WHEW!! Today it is much more acceptable, but not in our house, nor tatt's.

Live consciously....

I had a nose piercing, a belly button piercing, and piercings all the way up my ears. I have 3 tats.

I still have 3 piercings on my ear lobe (not up the ear and in cartilage)

I regret it all, except for the ones I've left open, due to infection/scarring/pain/issues to this day (the ones in my ear cartilage have had to be lasered a couple times in a bona fide docs office because of continued infection...EVEN WITH them being CLOSED FOR YEARS). The belly button one got infected a lot and it HURT forever. for the tats...I don't regret having tats. I slightly regret WHAT they are... I would have gotten different ones. A lifetime is a long time to continue to like something that you liked when you were in your early 20's (<---which is what I tell my kids)

And yes, I do agree that it can be really addicting to continue to have body modifications. For my last tat, though, I went with my bff and we got one together when we were 28. As I sat there in that chair, in pain, I thought to myself..."WHY? Why am I doing this? Never again." lol
I also have a friend who got piercings in her cheeks to make dimples. All it did was leave these huge scars on her cheeks so she can *never* take out the studs. And the scarring is larger than the size of the piercing, so it is always visible....
I grew up in a neat freak household and still like clean CLEAN, however, I have a husband that I'm pretty sure grew up in a barn. Plus I have 2 dogs - 'nuff said.
Yes Jill, one of my sisters got tattoos in her teens when she ran with a biker gang. She is in her 60s now and works for the State Department. Some of her tats are on her arms and chest area, so she has to wear long sleeves and button up her shirt higher. It's really uncomfortable for her when it's hot out. Not to mention she says they don't look good on saggy skin.
I hate to get religious on you guys, but the Jewish faith doesn't allow defacing one's body, so no tatt's allowed,
excellent rule don't you think. Back in the day, only criminals got tatt's, my how things have changed. Saw a banker the other day covered up with one sticking out of his neck. Don't get it......

Live consciously....
Yeah, I know that tats are not the ideal. Mine are all cover-able, though.

I worked in the District Attorney's Office for several years. ALL of the attorneys went together to get tats a couple times. It was "an outing," I guess. Also went with some from the public defender's

I guess my tats were a form of rebellion when I was young. My parents kicked me out and were against anything I I did it all...if that makes sense. I was also married pretty young to a guy who was really *not* good for me at all...and he hated when people got tats. So I got one while we were married for the sole purpose of making him mad. Shame on me, I know. But I have them, and so do so many other people these days. I can live with it, but if I knew then what I know now...I might not have done it
I have my ears pierced in the traditional manner, no tattoos. My husband has no piercings or tattoos either. I think a small tattoo is ok. What I detest is gauges. Freaks me out to see thtough holes in someone's ears.
I also have pierced ears, and yes, for the younguns, a small tattoo is o.k. it's the whole body covered or the major large ones. Saw a 50ish woman in SB, her legs were covered, OMG , what a mess, sagging isn't good, but with tatt's, OMG!!

Live consciously....
@Irene_L.A....that just made me laugh! I can imagine the sight!!

I don't like them all over the body, either. And yep, sag happens winking smiley
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