Cross-Country Trip

So my daughter is in LA and needs to drive back next month so I am flying out to drive with her (she's 20). I've booked some hotel shops along the way and I hope to snag restaurants along the route for most of our meals. So for hotels can anyone recommend any other companies besides Coyle, Regal and ACL (yes I've seen the warnings about a couple of these and will be careful)? And any good apps for restaurants where I don't need to plan ahead too much, since I won't always know where I will be, when? I use the iSecretShop App and Marketforce but checking whether there are others since I will be out of my usual area.
Thanks all!

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They will be coming out the end of the month, I've done all my restaurants I'm in L.A.,except for a=one in Beverly Hills next week until the 28th, Customer Impact may have some.

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Following...thanks for posting this. Will be great info for when I travel, too...

@Tsandrews safe travels!
With Maritz, you can search on a map. Great for gas stations/pit stops and some fast/casual dining.
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