Troubled by insecure site...

I just finished my job and the site for report says "NOT SECURED", I wrote report anyway....should I be troubled, and shouldn't all our work sites be secure?

HAPPINESS true happiness is an inner thing.....

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Short losses in internet connection can result in this happening. Its not always true.

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I’m new to the idea of mystery shopping, but I’m also fairly scam savvy and it seems like there’s a lot of MS type scams. If anyone could recommend legit sites and warn of non- legit ones, I’d be incredibly grateful...
Scams always offer a large check for you to cash and send them the money, keeping a small amount for yourself.
This never happens with legit companies, who never pay before doing the job....usually takes a month or more after finishing a job to get paid. This does differ, but never will you get money before doing job.

HAPPINESS true happiness is an inner thing.....
The list of companies at the bottom of every page here has direct links to well-known companies.
This is a well known company,worked for them before, good company, just don't have a secure site...says at the top not secure.

HAPPINESS true happiness is an inner thing.....
Sorry Irene, I was replying to KiwiKat82, lol. It could be what cooldude said, or it could mean you need to update your browser (or they need to update their server) to load the latest security patches.

I wouldn't worry too much, but if it bothers you contact the MSC to see if they have a known issue. If not, you probably need to update your browser.
This is a new computer Windows is updated, it is their problem.

HAPPINESS true happiness is an inner thing.....
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