Apps and money makers outside of Mystery Shopping: MountainCachers Favorites

There's a huge variety of shoppers on our forum from the casual shopper who accidentally found us when researching legit companies, to the shopper who has been shopping by trial and error for 20 years and realized we exist.

I've been trial and erroring it up on Reddit with sites and apps and here's some of my best picks. I know many shoppers also use these money maker apps that aren't the same as mystery shop apps. I cashed out for Christmas this year with these apps.

Some of the ones I am a fan of right now:

#1 Fetch Rewards -- cash back grocery app. Until 12/19 they have a sign up with referral code "W4AXE" and earn $3 if you scan in any grocery receipt from the last 14 days. If it's a valid receipt, you should instantly get back $3 in Amazon (once you click on points and cash out).

Non-referall Fetch Rewards members do not get the extra incentive when signing up so it'll take longer -- but I usually earn (depending on the system that week) $3 a week in points. It's a grocery rebate app that automatically scans the receipt to pick out which have coupons. One per household is preferred after reading user reviews or you may get flagged for double dipping. In total, $150-$200 for the year in Amazon (haven't had it a year yet).

Ibotta (of course!) because it pairs nicely with grocery shops. I can browse what has good offers, and buy those during a mystery shop where we spend $5-$10 on items. It's a cash back app for receipts and groceries. You cash out at $20 into Paypal. I transfer my Ibotta money into a separate account so it's there for the holidays. I transfer as soon as I earn enough.

Receipt Pal -- a receipt app that you can earn Amazon Gift cards. You just scan in receipts each week, usually 12 receipts but occasionally 16 or 20. Low pay, but you earn $1 for every 16 receipts so at times $1 a week. At the end of the year, $50-$75 Amazon gift card.

Receipt Hog -- similar concept. Receipt app that you earn paypal or Amazon. It's slow, but snap every receipt up through the weekly points threshold (and beyond) and play slots when you get them. I can usually earn $5 in a month -- not huge money here but they occasionally do surveys so another $50-$75 in app money for Christmas.

Quick Thoughts -- app that is surveys. On Android, you cash out for Amazon. I have heard people say you have other options on Apple. I can usually earn $10-$20 per week in surveys but it all depends on what you do, where you work (if you work a 9-5) and a variety of other life factors.

Shopkicks -- scan and earn, walk into stores and earn, or buy and earn. You can earn gift cards for Walmart and Amazon buy simply walking into stores and letting it register that you are there. You can also scan select items or buy items. I can usually make this work out to $3 a week for me since I do mystery shops and actively look for items with rewards that I can use. $50-$150 in the year for the holidays.

Checkout51 -- another receipt app for cash back based on what you buy. Pairs with Ibotta for double dipping. Check for items on your mystery shop list at grocery stores to maximize.

Those are my top apps right now. I know they're slow -- but if you just get in the habit of using them, it's easy to have $500 in a year for Christmas and not a second thought to really give it.


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I like Job Spotter. It’s a app through Indeed (job search website) that allows you to snap photos of Help Wanted signs and earn money towards Amazon gift cards. I am not religious about it like I should be, but I’ve earned over $50 since July...even after months of forgetting about it. You can cash out at any amount.
Great thread! I just recently signed up with Shop kicks and Fetch. I'll have to check out the others.

I've been meaning to check out ebates.

Ebates is awesome!!! Not only do they post coupon codes and discounts, but then you get cash back, too. I just started to play with Checkpoints, but I don’t like it nearly as much as Shopkicks. But hey, it’s another little thing to do and it all adds up.
I've been trying out a few different ones. I especially enjoy the ones I can install on my tablet (so I save room for Mystery Shopping apps on my phone). I follow "Hip2save" and she will frequently post new apps that she has vetted. I also read the commentary and reviews on them to try to get a feel for them. I enjoy the ones that can for sure earn $1 a week with because when you have 5-10 apps all making $1 (or Amazon), it can add up by years end for the holidays or property taxes/regular taxes.

I had Checkpoints at one point but I believe I uninstalled it after a previous cash out. I don't really recall why. Maybe it wasn't earning as much as others or it was before I started moving apps to another device.


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I also love Ibotta, Shopkicks, receipt pal and receipt hog. I just started with Fetch a month or so ago so haven’t cashed that one out yet. I have Coinout and don’t see it mentioned yet it pays ou t slow as many of these but I’ve cashed out $10 a few times. Every little bit helps!
I've been using Getupside for 6 months or so and really like it so far. The app gives a discount on gas purchases, up to $.25 off a gallon I think. Although most of the rebates are $.12 a gallon or less. Every bit helps in the long run. I think it's only available in limited markets, but expanding quickly.

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl -- year after year..."
I love my EBATES and I just installed FETCH over the weekend and already have close to $10 just from scanning receipts. yay!
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