@#?! Car Battery

It's just one of THOSE days... I wanted to get to work early today to grade papers, etc. However, when I went out to my car, it would not start - the battery was dead. No big: I just need to give it a jump and go to work. My wife keeps the jumper cables, but I couldn't find them and, as she was asleep, I really didn't want to wake her. How hard can it be to find jumper cables? 40 minutes later, I realize that I need to wake her up... She tells me where she keeps the cables. I find them. I jump my car and I go to work. I guess those papers can wait..... It so happens that today is the last day of school before vacation, so ALL of my colleagues are going to be out-the-door ASAP. Me? I agreed to stay late so a few kids who missed tests could make them up.... Well, I go out to my car to get lunch and the battery is dead - again.... Fine, I need a new battery. However, I also need a jump and nobody is going to be around when I need to leave - an hour after school is out... Fine. I have Roadside Assistance. I call to set up an appointment. They tell me that they need an hour-long window... Crap. If I set it to start while my kids are testing and the truck arrives early, I'll have to have my car run unattended for quite a while. Did I mention that So, I have to set the window to start about the time I think the kids will finish. In other words, if the truck arrives at the end of the window, I'll be leaving work two hours after school's out on the last day before winter break. And, then, I have to get a new battery before going anywhere. What a pain in the... neck.

The kicker? I have an car battery test shop through MartizCX scheduled for Wednesday. @#?!

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@MFJ.....I hear you, some days life doesn't work....not as bad as your story, but same as I go to Albertson's to pick up a Prime rib with a $4.95 coupon off I had (I never shop there). Get my roast, my key wasn't unlocking the car door. Crapola, key needed new battery, but now I can't find triple A's card as they're sending me a new one, and I had groceries that needed the fridge. I decide to walk home, get other key, put groceries away and walk back. My feet are a mess from Vegas, but off I go. I just had battery replaced today, and my tooties are killing me., so MFJ, I hear ya!!!! We have to step on some stones to get the greatness we deserve...smiling smiley

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MFJ, wow! What a day you had! I don't drink but, after reading your post, I need one...I'll drink one for you as well.

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@MFJohnston wrote:

The kicker? I have an car battery test shop through MartizCX scheduled for Wednesday. @#?!

The rest is bad enough, but that's the part that really hurts. At least, it would me.
MFJ, I'm so sorry for the day you had!!!

My coworker had to be jumped this week. He then went out and bought a weego 44. He chose that brand because they said it would not hurt it if you left it in your car.

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