I finally got my very own $1,000 counterfeit USPS Money Order!

Yep, arrived in the mail today, Priority Mail. From Kendall, Inc.

The Postmaster was at work, so I took it directly to her.

She couldn't even tell it was counterfeit! Really, she couldn't.

These scammers must have amazing technology.

Since it was a USPS Money Order, she'll put the Postal Inspectors on it.

Oh, gosh, I guess it's "Postmistress" instead of "Postmaster"?

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Good thing the Postmistress was at work and you could hand it to her personally. Glad you knew what to do and how to protect yourself.

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Congrats cease! How did Kendall Inc. target you?

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
Thanks. I have no idea who/what Kendall is.

The counterfeiter's technology must be state of the art. The Postmistress could NOT tell it was counterfeit. She even got out a magnifying glass, and a booklet of counterfeit samples (how to spot them), and she STILL couldn't tell it was a fake.

I had to explain to her that no MSing company in the WORLD would pay $200 in advance for me to buy $800 in iTunes cards and photograph the numbers off the iTunes cards and e-mail them!!!

It's easy to see how an ordinary person could be fooled, if a trained person couldn't spot the fake.

I wish I hadn't been so hasty. I should have brought it home and copied the MO and letter and envelope and everything first, so I could blog about it and also put an article in the local paper.

But I didn't think of that until hours later.

The sender made one boo-boo. They printed out their own shipping label using Stamps.com. Guess what? Those can be traced right back to where it was printed off!
Ceasesmith - If they can counterfeit a MO to perfection, wouldn't you think that they can make a counterfeit shipping label? Or create a real account with a fake address paid for with a fake check? However, the PO photographs mail all along the delivery chain these days. They can probably trace it back to the first post office it passed through (actually the first ail distribution center).

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Of course, they can make a counterfeit shipping label.

But scammers aren't well known for intelligence or common sense.

Hoping they overlooked that aspect of the scam, LOL!!!
I’m still waiting for this dream to come true... maybe someday I’ll get my fake check...
In cases like this, it may be better to go around the postmaster - she wouldn't be insulted - and contact the the Postal Inspectors unit directly -- or the Secret Service which, I believe, has joint jurisdiction.

That said, one could always ask the postal clerk to cash it for you. smiling smiley
cease, you should make a referral for Troy and I. Maybe you will get another fake money order as a bonus!

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
Question: Since the MO is drawn on the USPS, COULD the USPS cash the money order for someone who received it in the mail??? Then wouldn't the USPS be out the money, because the person cashing it would have the cash, and no worries about bank issues??? I don't know if that is possible, but if it is, I would think the Postal Service would want to do everything possible to stop this in its tracks.

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I didn't know the USPS cashed money orders.

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
@HonnyBrown wrote:

I didn't know the USPS cashed money orders.
They will cash money orders drawn on the Postal Service. And you have to pay cash for a Postal money order. So if someone wants to cash, say, a Postal money order for $25.00 at the PO, the PO will cash it, assuming it was initially bought with cash money, and that money is safely stored in their coffers somewhere waiting to be redeemed. The limit that they will let someone buy a money order is up to $1000.00. So if someone goes in to a Post Office with what looks like a legitimate money order for $1000.00, that even the Postmaster can't tell is fake, and cash it, that is bad news for them! That's why I would think the Postal Service would work hard to stop this!
guysmom, thanks for that explanation. I agree, the USPS would take a huge loss.

cease, are they going to let you know the outcome of the investigation?

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
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