Great Add-On for Mozilla FIREFOX that recovers your work!

Have you ever spent tons of time filling out a report and something happens and your computer freezes and you lose all your hard work? ARGHHHHH
I found a handy-dandy addon that not only auto fills usernames, passwords, and forms that you use on a regular basis, but it also keeps a log of all your form entries for up to 400 days.

Here is a link:

p.s. I am not receiving anything for suggesting this, I just know that it will be a great help to my fellow SS-ers. Please reply to this post if you have any similar suggestions. I learned about this watching Dateline or 20/20 about a person that wrote a confession note about another person and thought he had deleted it.

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The Mystery Shop Forum cannot vouch for the safety of this link or this product. The Moderation Team has not removed it so that members can make their own decisions on whether they wish to explore it further.

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Sorry - not biting! Smells like phishing to me.

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I only fish for trout! I'm a real human being just trying to be helpful.
I'm not very familiar with computer fishing, but would you have been less suspicious if I had not copied the URL or was it the part when I said I wasn't receiving anything for doing this?
I don't even know how phishers receive money for their spamming....

Testing Uno Dos 3
Dionna, you have to understand:

You are new. Spammers join the forum to try and get us to click on their links.

We don't know you. Period.

Personally, I am wary of clicking links that established forum members provide. I'm not clicking yours.

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it is an absolute legit firefox add on. geeze guys research two seconds and you find it is legit.
Thanks for the add on info
BTW..One could go to Mozilla and get it also if the link is scary.
The add-on is called "Form History Control". You can go directly to Firefox / Mozilla and search for it. I am still pondering whether I want to use it, but it does seem like it would be useful.

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