Cheating Liars So Mad I Could Spit

This was NOT a shop, but clearly confirmation that some businesses need to have their work ethic checked.

I left _ _ _ (get your oil changed quickly) with a receipt for a new battery. Six days later I was stranded in the desert. Popped the hood and an OLD BATTERY was staring me in the face. Looks like the same old battery as when we went in, definitely not a NEW battery. Now, it's a he said/she said situation, but one can see the "crust" hasn't been disturbed. This is why I never ever ever take the MBZ in to those places. I am at fault for being a lazy consumer and not checking before leaving. Better that than a lying cheating company.

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Yeah, it's always better to be cheated than a cheater.

But also a good reminder to check any work.
Escalate Monk and threaten legal action if needed. They have insurance to cover mechanical mistakes by their workers. Most auto repair places work off the same "Script":

#1 Deny
#2 Deny
#3 Deny
#4 Accuse the customer
#5 Lie
#6 Deny

And on it goes. Your best case is to:

#1 Talk to the local manager and attempt resolution
#2 Have a different mechanic verify (and document) that the battery is old. Many batteries have date codes on them.
#3 Talk to regional manager. Casually but firmly mention that you do not want to pursue legal action, but you are prepared to do so if a fair and reasonable resolution isn't achieved.
#4 Talk to a national headquarters. Legal action still on the table.

I would also add up every penny their negligence cost you and also calculate an amount beyond that for the inconvenience they caused you.

Thank goodness I'm too stupid to be mental!
Very helpful - appreciate the comments. Yes, I'm just as mad at myself for being taken, as I am with the quicky oil place. smh over the work ethics....anyone can check my work and I stand behind it. I would be shamed if ppl thought I would steal, as these crooks have.
There was another thread that had some auto maintenance horror stories. Can't remember which one.

UPDATE: As of 4pm 1/29/19, "quicky oil" place has deigned to swap out the crusty battery for a different battery - hopefully NEW. Problem ticket with corporate has been closed, BBB case closed, and social media posts have been noted accordingly. wheew!
Sounds like satisfaction over this is coming your way?! Did you have to have the vehicle towed when it broke down? Have to call AAA or another roadside assistance group at your expense? Have any personal expenses due to the emergency? If so, I personally would fight to recoup those losses due directly to the battery NOT being replaced as promised.

Even the cheapest battery comes with a certain replacement warranty (usually 2 years) where they will replace the battery at no cost. Then a prorated warranty where the customer gets a partial refund. Since yours was replaced (allegedly) just a couple weeks ago, you were due a new battery either way. It's the other costs, if there were any, that I would be going after since they were incurred as a direct result of the shops negligence.

Thank goodness I'm too stupid to be mental!
In contrast, I had a surprisingly pleasant experience with a battery replacement. Not a shop and at Pep Boys (I'm guessing that was not the same as the problematic business). I purchased a battery 1.5 years ago and kept the receipt for vehicle maintenance. My battery was checked at a different auto shop and they said it was low. I walked into Pep Boys with the old battery and my receipt and I walked out 2 minutes later with a brand new battery at no further cost. No questions asked and no hassle. I have a Toyota, so it's easy to install the battery myself in a few minutes.
Had to get jumped by AAA, but it was during the morning desert run w/. my 2 trouble makers. There was a "paved road" (or it used to be a road) and we waited 1.5 hrs for them to show up. No real out of pocket, but pain & suffering for sure, wondering if the dogs were going to be ok. The few bottled waters we carry weren't cutting it.

The "new" battery was to replace the original battery that failed under warranty. I'm going back to INTERSTATE brand batteries. They last for 5-7 years, but haven't seen them out here. will have to google
I always check work like that, even if it's minor. It's quite a pain to have to inspect everyone else's work, even if you're paying them, but find that keeping tabs on what work was needed saves a headache later. What really gets me is that it's always a 'little mistake or oops' on the service providers part. They hardly ever make the mistake of not billing you though.

As an aside, I would never personally take my car personally or mystery shopped to any quick change oil place. The horror stories alone make me shy away.
One of the BEST things about these oil change places is that you can easily drive up and get tires & fluids checked fast & free. Remember full service gas stations?
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