Need Help Promoting My Business locally..??

Hello everyone,

I live in Albama. I just started a backpack business six months back. I also have a website for it. And i am doing SEO and online advertising for it. But leads are not generating so frequently. I want leads to generate some business. I was thinking of promoting my business locally by using offline marketing technique. But i don't know which method will be best. I am looking for cost effective advertising method to grow my business.

Please Help.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hello. Is your backpack business focusing on school backpacks? Camping backpacks? Business backpacks? What type of online advertising have you done so far?

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I think you are on the wrong site for promoting your business.....perhaps checking out other backpacking web sites will help you find ideas for your business.

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Hmm. I do not have a backpack. The last one I had was a girly-girl little thing. There was enough room for a few books, a lot of makeup, and a brush. Yes, that was waaaaaayyyy back in the last century. I have evolved, and I presume that backpacks have evolved. What can you tell me about backpacks for me now? tia.

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Hi lucy. Welcome to the forum! What is your social media presence like? How involved in the community are you?

I'm a commuter working in DC. My backpack is my lifeline. Why would (a student, a commuter, a camper, a hiker, etc.) buy your backpack and do they know you exist?

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Do you manufacture your backpacks domestically? If so, there are shopping sites dedicated to USA-made products.

What's your niche? Getting your pack into the hands of influential lifestyle bloggers can help a lot. (The hard part will be to figure out who the influential ones are. You will have to part with a few pieces for swag.)
google traffic exchange... its a number of third party websites that credit you for visiting sites by sending visitors to your site... this promotes your website as well as promoting other small webpages... it usually takes about 30 seconds to credit

chessads is the one i have used in the past

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