Provide Suggestion for Inexpensive and Unconventional Mode of Advertising

Hello everyone,

There are various ways of advertising by which you can advertise your product or brand. Organization with good investment generally look for best methods to increase their business like they run PPC or provide TV and Billboard advertisement. But if we talk of small business, they generally don't have that much amount of money for marketing.

I have just started a wireless technology business which includes wireless speakers, PC mouse and head phones. But i don't have that much money to invest in heavy advertisement. I have started with business cards and flyers and looking for some new inexpensive marketing method.

Please provide your valuable suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello, lucycarter, is this a different business than the one you posted about in the last thread you started, [] .... or should the two threads be combined? I notified the moderators so they can decide.

Although you may get some advertising ideas, this is probably not the best place to get advice about marketing a small sales business because most of our focus on this forum is mystery shopping. I would suggest you go to Google and search "marketing the small business" or "starting a small business and marketing products" This would lead to advice specifically geared to what you are asking and possibly a few forums discussing small business marketing. Best luck.
Hello, roflwofl,

Thanks for your advice. I will surely remember it in future.

Moreover, this is the new business i started apart from the backpack business. I was looking to explore wireless accessory business. But as i told in my post i don't have much money to invest so this the reason that i was asking for some inexpensive ways of advertising.

Anyway thanks again for your useful advice.

google "traffic exchange"

if it is a company website. basically you can visit a third party web page for a company and the traffic exchange assigns a user to visit your is a relatively quick process usually takes less than 30 seconds to get one "hit" to you website

you can also buy them to bump up traffic to your site optimizing your search placement in engines presentations...

i have used it to promote special links to sign up under my account for survey sites that give bonus's when you get people to sign up like swagbucks, instagc, and inboxdollars

heres my affiliate link []

and here is just a link to the site []


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@lucycarter wrote:

Thanks for your reply Niner. I am already working on it. Can you something trendy to grow my business presence and increase my leads.

For what you are selling, maybe create some useful Youtube content related to your area of expertise?
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