Shop Fees - Are you willing to loose money??

I don't find mystery shopping fun. I don't accept mystery shops,, as a charity gig. Why do marketing companies believe otherwise? I separate each shop into 1. review and research, 2. fieldwork, 3. report preparation and writing. Each step requires time and most fieldwork requires travel. I find if I'm completing a $12 shop for one company then I am not looking for or completing another shop that pays much more. When one sacrifices one shop ($12) for another shop ($12+) the + is called opportunity cost.
The reason I mystery shop is simple, I'm old(er) and my availability to work outside the home is limited. Also, I want the extra money. What I don't want is to be taken advantage of, do you understand.

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No need to double post. It just annoys the moderators, lol.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

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I understand pay is low, but try doing three $12.00 shops and you now have made 36.00. Age wise you can't beat this industry, I'm a senior 3 times over and still find work I enjoy, even though I'm doing much less, it's always your choice. The perks are keeping my brain working, giving me nice restaurants and groceries, and
all in my town...negativity needs to be changed to positivity...and yes, aging is the enemy, not MS'ing.

Live consciously....
It's annoying to double post and lose isn't spelled loose.

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