Honesty the best policy or not....

Reports, honesty in an professional way yes, but total honesty on the forum...
Pro's: people know just how you feel about subjects.
Cons: schedulers know how you feel about them and their jobs....let's hear what you think.

Live consciously....

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Honesty is absolutely the best policy on the forum. However, that does not mean you need to share everything you think. There is no need to chime on on every question or every thread if you don't wish to share.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Honesty on the forum of course. One can state honest opinions politely. We don't have to say a MSC is a scam because we don't like the fees, or the report etc.
Nothing wrong with saying I don't do IKEA shops because they take too long.
I'll go with honesty but there are ways to be nice about it. Of course, there are people who just lie as a matter of habit or skewed ideas. And then there are those that believe their own truths which may not be seen the same way by others. For example, I may truly believe I am an awesome cook. That would be my truth. No one I have ever cooked for, though, would agree. Now my truth has become a lie.

I am a horrible baker, I admit it although I keep trying to no avail and that's the truth folks, the honest truth.
Truth maybe in the eye of the beholder, but in truth, there is only one truth. Saying it with kindness goes a long way. I had to tell a friend recently a truth, it wasn't easy, but truth is growth.

Live consciously....
Honesty, for sure. Otherwise what's the point of being on the forum? But you don't have to hang it all out there, you can be selective in what you post and what you don't.

As for bashing schedulers, if a member has posted a lot over time they've created a mosaic of themselves. They may be more identifiable to a scheduler than they realize.
I may be wrong but I get a "feeling" that some embellish their bonus's, getting huge bonus for every job...really?

Live consciously....
Constructive honesty. In our reports, it is "just the facts". In life, the grey areas appear. You want to be honest but not hurtful. For me, the key is to try to remember not to judge. Tougher to do than it sounds.

proudly shopping in the D.
You can always cross-check the job boards in those folks areas if you are skeptical. Just remember that the best bonuses come over the phone or email.

Currently, I am getting great bonuses through my favorite apartment MSC. Feel free to check the job board - you'll see shops advertised at $70+. The same MSC has jobs around a very large city near where you live for about the same amount - though most of them where you are have been scooped up. I have had recent emails asking me to pick up audio recorded visits for just over $100.

Last night, another MSC called and asked if I can pick up their last two gas station shops in Western Washington. One is a 7-hour round trip that requires entering and crossing through a corner of Canada (border crossings, passports, etc.). The other is on an island and requires a ferry ride. The MSC has three days to have the shops filled. Yes, they are willing to offer a substantial bonus for them.

I admit it: Aside from some video shops that pay well anyhow and casinos where I do well playing cards, I rarely take shops without a solid bonus. When MSC's are not offering bonuses, I do the casinos and video work. When they are offering bonuses, I pick up those shops. I've taken the time to know how the MSC's in my area operate with their shopper pay and I shop accordingly.

I also have some advantages: There are relatively few shoppers in the Seattle area, so MSC's often struggle to get shops filled - so they add incentives. There are even fewer shoppers willing to write long narratives or do video. There are also a lot of rural areas with no shoppers within two hours of my house. Shops in these locations are often well-bonused. Of course, I often make offers to schedulers, asking for bonuses.

@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I may be wrong but I get a "feeling" that some embellish their bonus's, getting huge bonus for every job...really?

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Wasn't doubting you MJF, I know you travel far and wide for these jobs which I am not going to do, however, Apt's. in my area go for $45.00 including targeted and I guess it does depend on amount of shoppers, and they fly off the board for 45.00...sad smiley Knowing L.A., those jobs you speak of are in area's I won't go, danger is not my second name...smiling smiley

Live consciously....
I don't know the CA geography at all, but.... a bit south of LA (roughly 50 miles) Some apartments are going for $80-$90.... Lancaster, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita.... There are some not far from Glendale at that same amount. My only point is that these bonuses do exist. Yes, the bonuses get put onto locations that shoppers do not tend to wander and there are very few places that I, personally, would not go. smiling smiley

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Lancaster/Palmdale area is under an hour from me, and yes they pay more, hardly any shoppers out there that are good, I'm asked often but for some unknown (to me) reason, I'm not a fan of Lancaster area, not a terrible area, I guess. but I am only comfortable in certain area's, very different freeway from Glendale, it's on the road to Vegas, but again not that far from me...maybe one day I'll try just for the heck of it.
I'd rather do a couple banks in my town and make 60/70$ without the freeway Dr. Ladera Ranch is miles from me, in Orange county, Maps don't show things as they are. I don't go to area's I don't know, but then since I don't do routes, no need. My speaking of bonus is limited to why not in my area,perhaps because we have plentiful shoppers... my post was about those in L.A. ,saturated with shoppers getting these bonus's....but anything is possible (I guess).

Live consciously....

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I don’t blame you.. I would want to have two or three such apartments on a single trip. smiling smiley

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Remember to shop smart, especially in L.A. one of the third largest cities in the states....smiling smiley

Live consciously....
I lived in Houston when I was much younger, but I'm definitely not a city girl. I'm fairly close to San Antonio, but I prefer a long distance route with several small towns. The bonuses are good because not many want to do that. However my 2014 Nissan has over 140,000 miles, sometimes I wonder how much I am really coming out ahead.

Honesty is best 100% of the time. I'm a big fan of the 3 R's, respect, responsibility, and reputation. You lose all three if you are dishonest. There is a core group of long term posters who consistently give good advice. Some others - not so much. There is only 24 hours in the day and you have to sleep some of them to have a functioning brain. I've seen unrealistic stories of number of shops, etc on a regular basis.

I have seen a steady decline in shop fees and bonuses. Every year many MSC's slip in additional requirements with no increase in the fee. Some are getting harder to get a reasonable bonus for the extra time and expense. I see jobs fly off the board at a fee I would never consider even when I first started shopping 10 years ago. The economy seems stronger now so I'm hoping things will get better.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away
The best advice I have seen is for each mystery shopper to figure out what works best for them regardless of what other shoppers do. Shoppers have preferences, interests, strengths, goals, and personal lives. While some seem to have figured out how to make a great deal of money consistently and over time, others have posted that they do not have a need or goal to do so. So be it.

It's all good. It is good that there are these different conditions. It makes us interesting, as a group. Is it good that shoppers provide hints and tips for efficiency, integrity, and the nuts and bolts of shop performance.

The advice I am giving to myself right now is not to judge any other shopper. I can just appreciate that we are unique. If we are happy and our companies are happy, then all is well.

Don't you wish you had a job like mine? All you have to do is think up a certain number of words! Plus, you can repeat words! And they don't even have to be true! - Dave Barry

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