Memorial Day flag

My son, who is an Airborne Ranger called the other day and asked if I would be flying my flag at half mast on Memorial Day. I told him I could not as it is attached to the side of the house and the only setting on the bracket is at 45%. This morning I saw on utube that the proper way to fly the flag on Memorial Day is to put it up at dawn at full mast, then immediately lower it to half mast and at noon raise it backup to full mast. Learned something new.

Never forget.

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My father was an AF pilot and flew missions in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Thank you all who honor the memory of our veterans who have passed and honor those veterans who still walk among us.

Edited to add that I realize Memorial Day is for those who died during war and my father did not, but he lost many friends.

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My flag is out.

Both my grandfathers were in the army in WWII. My paternal grandfather worked "logistics" in India and left as a captain after the war. My maternal grandfather made a career out the military and retired as a general in about 1985. He was one of the first U.S. soldiers to see the concentration camps (an atrocity about which he never wanted to speak) and later did some special forces work in Brazil (again, he never told us what he did, but we suspect he was looking for missing Nazis). My father-in-law flew surveillance aircraft as a Navy pilot in Vietnam.

I am ever thankful for the sacrifice others have made on our behalf.

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You know, this made me reflect on whether or not it was actually more difficult for those who saw the atrocities and came home with horrible memories and/or battle wounds than it was for the ones who did not come back. I know it haunted my father for the rest of his life.
My Father was a Marine and proud of it...thank G__ he lived to tell the story, but he was and is my hero, although gone a long time......happy Memorial Day to all.

Live consciously....
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