Just For Fun: What's In Your Car?

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It never occurred to me to think about other shoppers and guns. Hmm...

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Several years ago Youngest Son bought a car that he found on Craigslist or Reddit. It took him a week or so to figure out there was a colony of ants living in the trunk. It took him forever to get rid of them. Fortunately they never migrated to the passenger compartment.
@Eric in Tampa wrote:

I was on a route a few weeks ago where I discovered that a good portion of my car was full of ants! I woke up for some reason around 4AM and went to my car for something when I made the discovery. Turns out that I had parked next to an ant hill that was by the hotel parking lot. Several other guests reported ants in their car much later.

I was able to kill a good majority of the ants with Raid, yet it wasn't enough. I had to wait until 8AM for the closest auto detailer to open. At first, they balked at vacuuming all of the ants out, yet I had a manager finally give an employee approval. 2 hours and $36 later, I was ready to hit the road.

The entire ordeal ultimately delayed my timing by 5 hours, which drastically altered my overall route projections.

For those that have never had hundreds of ants in your car, it is NOT a good feeling (especially getting bit while en route to the auto detailer). I wish this experience on absolutely noone.

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No, no "Hmm" at all. So many people carry firearms in their vehicles that in a group the size of this thread, whether shoppers, preachers, teachers or little old ladies, you would reasonably expect at least one.

A cultural thing maybe.

@Shop-et-al wrote:

It never occurred to me to think about other shoppers and guns. Hmm...
My second car was a used car. I found shell casings under the seats when I was vacuuming it out.

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When my son was in high school he had a band. We used our Durango to haul kids and band equipment. One of the venues we played was an old theater and the owners allowed the bands 'to make their mark' inside. We carried spray paint and stencils with the band name. Long after our band days were over, still had the spray paint in the car. HaH in fact it might still be there even though we don't use that car. I was glad I, and my son when he drove, never got pulled over by the police, as we live in a town that's high on the crime/gang scale. It might have been hard to explain.
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