Any experienced gift card sellers/traders out there? (not the scammy thing)

I see there are a lot of websites that say they buy gift cards. I have not gone into any for details fearing that it may be a trick or a spamfest later. Has anyone used an on-the-level gift card buying site/service? And what can I expect as far as the process involved, how time consuming it is and how much % they might pay. Ads show they pay up to 92% which is awfully high and raises red flags for me. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!


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I have never been a seller of gift cards, only a buyer. While there have been a number of names mentioned on the forum over the years, I have stuck with There have been issues with cards that were bled off between the time Raise sold them to me and I received them and they always made good on my purchase $, though not the face value of the card. I have had 'in store only' cards that were evidently issued as a store credit that were denied because I was not the person of record to whom the credit was issued. Raise took care of getting my purchase $ back. Raise has extended their warranty to cover any card purchased within 12 months. They are obviously being protective of their buyers, which may mean they are less protective of their sellers.

PM me of what gift cards you have for sale, perhaps we can make a deal. (Not interested in cards for massages, beauty treatments and clothing stores.)
Not gift cards, but can be a good deal if you like eating out. Buy a gift card when they have good sales if the restaurant you are wanting is sold out. Then use the gift card to buy the restaurant you want when they are available, typically the first of the month.

That is a very short and sweet synopsis of what they do. Basically about a $35-50% discount on your meal buy using their coupons. Do a search to get a better explanation, it's been several years since I've used them.

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Unfortunately deals are considered a 'coupon' by MSCs I have asked, rather than as a 'gift card'. I think the deal is that since the business itself is offering the discount, they would be reimbursing you for the discount they gave you. When you have a gift card it theoretically is 'cash' rather than 'discount' or 'coupon'. In any event, Groupons and deals I have never found to be allowed on shops.
I've sold giftcards & even gift CODES on eBay. Your success will depend on what the market will bear. Typically, I only sell these items if there's little chance that I will ever use them and I don't care how much I net.
Thanks! I've been a little busy so did not have time to check right away to see what advice you guys might have given.

Flash, it will be at least a week before I can compile a list but, yes, there are a lot of clothing stores.

I just wanted to echo what Flash said above about They are much more customer service oriented towards the buyer. I have had problems in the past too and always resolved to my satisfaction. They even extended their guaranty period on one occasion for a card due to an extenuating situation which I explained. On the other hand, Card Cash I find is the worst company and has the shortest guarantee period and will find any excuse to not guarantee their card if their is a problem. I had two issues with them and had to call both losses. One was that the card did not arrive in the mail and they said too bad it was not returned to us and I did not put my apt # in the address and another where the guarantee period ended by a day or two and the gift card had been used. They start their guarantee period the day you order it, no allowance for shipping which sometimes takes up to a week and they have the shortest guarantee period, 45 days.
I was scammed for $600. I almost spent $2,000 before I realized it might be a scam. I tried to get my money back but Ebay, Walgreens and CVS said no. I even tried with my bank. The scam was to purchase $200 Ebay gift card and receive the money back plus $30. Everyone warned me, but I did not listen.
I did check out a few of the gift card selling sites. And lo and behold, my cards are too small. They are $10 or less and most sites want at least $15 on each card. Most are pricey clothing stores where $10 won't go far. I'm keeping all the food cards for myself!

Chilo, sorry to hear you were scammed. Ok, in my pleasant mom voice...."What were you thinking , Dear?". Thank you for sharing. It may not help your current situation, but perhaps a future shopper may heed the warnings.
I stopped using raise a few years ago. Yes they always reimbursed me for bad cards but over a 2 year period I was running roughly a 25% failure rate. It got to the point where the savings wasn't worth it. I started again when they went to the 1 year guarantee. I basically only buy 3 types, cards that I can immediately transfer off the card to another or to an app (think Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A), e-cards that I plan on using immediately after purchase, and gas cards. Gas cards are safe to me because it's very difficult to use them with just the number, and the ones I can transfer off immediately are safe because the money is no longer on the card as soon as I receive it.

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i once won a $25 gc to AMC on a site called daily break. there are no AMC theatres near me so i sold it on card pool. they gave me $18.29 in amazon gc

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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If you have ever sold on eBay and have a great Seller ranking, you might try there. In the past, I've sold gift cards for $5 less than their value with free shipping. Of course, after you pay the eBay and Paypal fees, you're probably left with $4-$5 less than what you sold it for, but that is one option.
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