The Weird/Random/Interesting Things About Mystery Shopping Thread

Have a weird, random, or interesting fact or experience that may not be worthy of its own thread, but that you'd like to share anyways and don't know where? Feel free to post here. smiling smiley

Here's something I've noticed recently:

I don't log in to certain MSC job boards, because:

1.) the login is numeric (and I cannot change that); and
2.) the website is not aesthetically/visually user-friendly and appealing

If an MSC has a website that is confusing or the login is something that I cannot remember easily, I don't login much. I am too lazy to look up my login. And I am to annoyed to deal with a website design that I don't like.

Weird...random...I'm sure I'm not the only one?

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I use Bitwarden. I resisted a password manager for a long time, but typing in all those logins eventually becomes a nonstarter.

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You can turn off the history feature. I recommend this. If you forget a password, you can have the password or a reset link sent to you. I recommend this instead of storing a list of passwords somewhere.

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And definitely turn off third-party cookies.


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