Who watches the NBC sitcom Superstore? Spoilers included in my post.

O.M.G!! The season 5 opener of Superstore is about corporate trying to 'automate' the store. They have sent a 'robot' to keep the store clean, and to add to the hilariousness of it all they have named it Glen. This of course rials the employees as they feel they are being phased out. Glenn (with 2 N's), the former store manager is especially upset as you can imagine. Problems arise etc etc.
But WAIT!!..... That's not the funny part.
This morning I go into my local Walmart, (to which the Cloud 9 store is a clone of) and what do I see?!?!?!
OMG OMG OMG!! A robot going up and down cleaning the floor!!! It looks EXACTLY like 'Glen'. I started laughing hysterically, needless to say I got a lot of stares.

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Aaaaah. Now i know what I saw in Wally World. It was one of Glen's cousins!

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That episode was hilarious! Did it air again tonight? I watch it on OnDemand.

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I watch it on demand too. Actually I watch everything on demand. We are sorta cord cutters, my H has to have Sling for sports, UGH, but we use Roku and stream everything. I even watch my local news on demand when the weather is interfering with the OTA antenna.

@HonnyBrown wrote:

That episode was hilarious! Did it air again tonight? I watch it on OnDemand.
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