Veterans Day

Do you work on Veterans Day?

Art class was like a religious ceremony to me. I would wash my hands carefully before touching paper or pencils. The instruments of work were sacred objects to me. - Joan Miro

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I do mystery shops on Veteran's Day. When I eas employed by a Fortune 100 company, it was not a comany holiday and we "all" worked.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
The markets are open. I did some trades this morning, so worked on that, going out to do shops this afternoon.
I don't work on Remembrance day.

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My dad was a vet: WWII, Korea, Vietnam...AF pilot, ended up retired Colonel. He was in the Army Air Core before the US Air Force was an actual thing. He was an awesome man, my dad. He died in 1992, way before he should have passed. I sure do miss him. I see old dudes with hats stating that they are veterans when I am out shopping. I know that many of them must be Korea or Vietnam, because there can't be many left out there who are from WWII. I always stop to speak with them and give them thanks.

Thanks to all of our vets, and all of you that honor our vets.
Many years ago, when I was a young child, my dad (WWII, died 1993) taught me that on Veterans Day, I was to approach a veteran, introduce myself, shake his/her hand, and thank them for their service to our country. I'm 61 years old now, and I do it every year.
@LIJake wrote:

Yes I do and I am a vet.

Thank you for your service to our country! I send that out to all who served as well.

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl -- year after year..."
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