ardent service inc survey program

has anyone dealt with ardent services? I'm new to all this mystery shopping. I researched them and they seem like a legit company, but when I look up the msc listing, they are not there?

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I believe I am registered with them. If I recall correctly they mostly did the hospitality industry and I have never worked for them.
Just found them on here. I think I'm going to have my bank not cash the check they sent me. As I read the letter they sent my by priority mail, they want me to buy$ 2100 worth of ebay gift cards, scratch off the back and send them a pic of front and back. there is no contact info on the letter, the toner is faded, and it doesn't feel right. Wish I would have read further into these discussions. they said $308 if it is my compensation.
going to call bank tomorrow. they allowed me to have $200 of it, I'm giving it back and taking the letter up there. Thanks for giving me the 411! How do I get started with legitimate companies?
You had better get on it ASAP, as soon as the bank is open. The check is fake. You could be in some serious legal ramifications for depositing a fake check!!! Not to mention financial problems as well. Please, please do not delay.

There is a real company named Arden Services. Scammers use the names of real companies all the time to perpetuate this fraud. It's been an ongoing issue for years, and many, many people have fallen for it and been out a lot of money and then not been able to have checking accounts at any banks.

Real mystery shopping companies pay about $15 per shop and you get paid AFTER you do the work. It usually takes a month or more to get paid. There is a link (Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies) at the bottom of this page with legitimate companies that you can sign up with.
Oh no Ardent would never send you a check, no legitimate company would do that. Find out from your bank which federal agencies you need to report this to and please do so immediately. Also send the information to Ardent as well so they know that their name is being used. I am so sorry.
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