Norton 360 15 months 5 licenses $10 Amazon

I will just toss this out for anybody who's interested. You buy it and they email you a download link. Keep the email and when your current AV subscription expires, click the link to install the AV and start the clock on the new subscription. Keep the unused licenses in reserve or use them right away. I bought one last Dec, activated it in June, still have one unused license, and I'm buying another for when this one runs out later next year.


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Thank you. I was allowed to order 2 of them, so I will be set for 30 months. Great Black Friday deal.

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Can you use a different license on the same computer?

Amazon also has 4K Fire Sticks for $25, regularly $50. I pounced on that one!

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I don't know. But you can wait until your current license runs out to activate the new one.
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